Dress Code

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You may wear any of the following:

  • Scrub tops and bottoms BLACK ONLY.
  • Under shirts that are solid colors (white, gray, or black)
  • Tennis shoes, or Dress shoes that completely cover top
    of foot and toes, must be black or white with matching shoe laces.
  • School T-shirt
  • Earrings, necklaces, or scarfs that keep to your body and do not dangle

What is NOT acceptable:

  • Wrinkled, dirty, stained or faded clothing or shoes.
  • Cleavage, stomach, or back, if you bend down and I can see your skin you need to wear an undershirt.
  • No Hats of any kind

Personal Appearance

In the professional work industry, appearance is everything. We want you to take this seriously as you would a professional job.

What is acceptable:

  • Well kept hair that is styled daily
  • Light or no cologne or perfume
  • Trimmed/ manicured nails
  • Fresh breath
  • Bathed daily and antiperspirants
  • Make-up always top notch but not over done

What is not acceptable :

  • Pony tails or anything that I can see your hair tie (but if
    you can hide it you CAN wear it)
  • Banana clips
  • Messy, tangled, untrimmed, or untamed hair
  • Body odor
  • Unkept facial hair
  • New growth
  • Lack of make-up

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