Reviews & Testimonials

Students are well taught. Always go back because they are the best and always go above and beyond.

Warren West

The students are always super nice and take the time do what you ask them to. I’ve never had a bad experience there. Prices are great ill keep going back as long as i live here

Dave Fine

Loved this place, as a student and employee! It was my second home for 1500 hrs. They supported me through everything! And I do mean everything!

Anjelica Finstad

I went to school here and it is hands down the best school I’ve attended. Very personable and great education.

Nikki Schaal

Mattix really did amazing on my hair! Master skills & really friend staff! Also Luke did great on my eye brows!

Mario Moncada Urbina

MAOB is a one of a kind, very easy going place to get top notch barber training.
I just finished my 1500hrs. today and I enjoyed every minute.

Not every barber college offers a night program like MAOB and I could not have done it without that schedule. For ANY professional who works days, and has an interest barbering in the Knoxville area, this is the place to check out!

Much love to Miss D, Miss B, all my fellow students and of course all the folks we have the pleasure of serving as we master our craft.

Joe Kitson

Great school with an awesome group of students that give great cuts, come by and see us

Alex Wade

I am currently a student there and could not recommend it more. The instructor (Mrs. D) is so knowledgeable, friendly, helpful! Whether you are a potential customer – looking for quality service at a great price, or a potential student, you can’t ask for a better deal! Come give us a try.

Dan Hackworth

Thank you for the best summer haircut I have had in a long time! I love the layers and I am getting so many compliments! You are the best!!!

Mary Byrne

Graduated 2 years ago and still go back to visit. MAOB got me to where I needed to be and helped me accomplish my goal of becoming a barber. MsD is awesome and she works so hard 12 hour days everyday. Also I was able to meet some great people there who are now my best friends. Thank you MAOB for everything!!!

Erick Ardouin

What a great place to start a career!!! The Master Barber, Ms. Dyon, is fantastic! If you want to learn a lifetime skill, check out the Master Academy!!!

Bethany Marinac

I Love my hair! Thank you so much, it was a great day! Enjoyed all the laughs, and the way you all made me feel special.

Shelley Braun Patty

I had a straight razor Head Shave and Beard trim / line up for the first time. It was an awesome experience. From what I could tell all of the clients were well taken care of. It’s clean, personal and professional. I will definitely be seeing my barber Alex Wade there again.

Josh Courtney