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  • Cursing- Student has to leave school grounds immediately for the day. Instructor with fill out incident report explaining the situation. If it happens 3 times within 30 days then you will be suspended for 3 days and not be able to make up hours.
  • Cursing at an instructor or client- student will leave school immediately. Will be suspended for 5 days, will have an incident report. If this happens 2 times within 60 days you will be suspended for 10 days without the ability to make up hours.
  • School administration holds the right to expel, or suspend any student that is a interference with other classmate(s) learning environment or failure to comply with rules and regulations.
  • Use of cellular/electronic devices during instruction or on service floor- incident report filled out, instructor will take cellular/electronic device away and give back during break time then must be returned to instructor till end of day if you fail to return it, you will automatically be sent home. If reoccurrence is an issue will send home without the option to make up hours.
  • If student has 3 incident report filed within 60 days they will be written up after 2 wright ups within 120 days they will be suspended for 5 days.
  • Physical altercation- The students involved will be fined for ALL damages to school property and be suspended for 30 days, upon returning if student gets an incident report filed within 60 days they will be expelled.
  • Stealing- Expelled NO EXCEPTIONS
  • Student cannot receive any services for the month until reports have been reviewed. We require an attendance of 75% or more and a grade of 75 or greater to receive services for that month. If failing is consecutive student will be suspended for the following month.
  • Student must complete at least 3 tasked a day- we will review monthly reports and if you fail to meet this requirement you will not be able to receive services for the following month till reports have been reviewed if failing is consecutive student will be suspended for the following month.

Tuition Payments

Tuition payments have to be kept up to date. They have a $10 late fees that will be assessed to you if the payment if over 10 days late that is assessed weekly. You will not be allowed to have over $50 in fees due on your account. This will result in a suspension until fees and payments are brought current.

Penalty for Late Graduation

We allot 3 months for you to go past in your graduation date (Full time 16 Months and Part time 20 months). If you go past your graduation date without a life changing event such as:

  • Illness that causes over a 14 day absence.
  • Family medical that follows the FMLA Act.
  • Or you do not apply for a leave of absence.
  • Will result in you being charge $250 per week for each week you take to complete your hours.

Release of Hours

We will release your hours when you have completed your schooling. Tennessee State Board will not release the licensing until you have paid the schools tuition in full and we have notified them of you payments.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][vc_column width=”1/2″][dt_fancy_image image_id=”2080″ width=”600″ align=”center” animation=”fadeInLeft”][/vc_column][/vc_row]